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Air Purification for Healthcare

Serving Our Healthcare Heroes 

Restaurants and retailers aren’t the only small businesses that have taken a financial hit during COVID-19 pandemic. Physicians and dentists in small private practices around the country have reported steep declines in revenues. AirDoctor air purifiers create peace of mind for your patients and your practice.


Patients Are Ready to Return

Dental offices, especially solo practices, will feel extra strain to retain patients and replace ones they've lost. However, recent research contends that 83% of patients are ready and willing to see a dentist. Therefore, AirDoctor air purifiers help reassure patients that your practice is a safe and healthy environment, which is one critical way you can strengthen your practice in the coming months.


State-Of-The-Art UltraHEPA

 Our UltraHEPA Filter captures ultra-fine particles as small as .003 microns in size--that's 100 times smaller than the HEPA standard.



Our built-in Ionizer not only helps boost filtration performance, but also creates a mood boosting, fresh air feeling that's an optimal for a learning environment.


Quiet Performance

Our WhisperJet fans are 30% quieter than fans found in ordinary purifiers and are perfect for classrooms and dorm rooms. 


Change Filter Alert

An indicator light tells you when it’s time to replace the filters, taking the guesswork out of your hands.


Sealed System

We use a sealed system

to ensure all the air

you breathe is pure and filtered.


Long-Term Care Facilities for the Future 

Hundreds of long-term care facilities, from large chains to small independent businesses, are facing a financial crisis due to the skyrocketing costs of fighting the pandemic. AirDoctor offers cost-effective air purification units that give care providers and patients the safety that they deserve. 

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